City Homes and Gardens primary goal is to operate financially successful rental communities for its institutions and clients by operating a seperate management division that maximizes rentals and cash returns for it's clients through innovative management techniques
Clean and green buildings are the future. City Homes and Gardens intends to follow this trend by creating projects that accentuate the best of green urban & suburban living

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   For more than two decades the developers of City Homes & Gardens have built more than 800 units of upscale apartments and lofts in Hoboken and Jersey City.

   In all of our developments, we combine impeccable, livable space planning with original interior and exterior design to create a “Home.” We consistently incorporate the highest quality of materials to create outstanding living spaces, with an unwavering attention to detail.

   We take pride in leading the Hoboken and Jersey City residential markets with properties such as The Cliffs Lofts, the epitome of historic loft living on the west side of the Hudson.

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   City Homes & Gardens was formed with the idea of not only offering our clients access to all rentals and properties for sale in the Hudson County area, but also offering a “Lifestyle” of luxury living in an urban setting. This is all possible because City Homes & Gardens was born from The Manhattan Building Company. One of the most important and influential building companies in Hudson County, our building company is dedicated to constructing “Homes” within our apartments that offer the highest quality of living.

   Manhattan Building Company has earned a reputation as a leader in the development of unique building designs including lofts and high-end historic rehabilitation projects. Their focus is on great interiors and urban homes of the future, within the surrounding historical context. Manhattan Building Company has been developing apartments and high-end condominium properties in the Hoboken and Jersey City area for more than 25 years.

   Founded by Sandford Weiss, the company has built over $500 million of real estate in Hoboken and Jersey City. Under Mr. Weiss’ leadership, they have developed over 800 residential units in over 20 projects, including the impressive Sugar House Lofts, Hoboken Grande, the Courtyard, the Sky Club, Manhattan Place I & II and The Cliffs Lofts.

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